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New Eye Tracking Device, the Tobii REX

The Tobii REX is a new eye tracking¬†peripheral for the computer that was shown at CES. It works by following the the direction that the user’s eyes are gazing and moves the mouse cursor accordingly. And it works pretty well, as you can see in the video below. It could be a great tool for people that have very limited use of the rest of their body, such as those with ALS. And the fact that they’re aiming to sell it to general computer users will help bring the price down. It seems limited in that it requires a second input device such as a keyboard for things like mouse clicks but I imagine that if it can accurately track eye gaze then programming it to track blinks for things like click events shouldn’t be far off.

Ulu Knife – Easier Cutting and Chopping in the Kitchen

Ulu Knife Kitchen Aid

The Ulu knife is a traditional Eskimo knife with a unique design that features a handle above a curved blade.

The benefit is that it allows for much easier cutting and chopping in the kitchen particularly for people with limited hand dexterity and weak hand and arm muscles.

It’d be great tool for people with multiple sclerosis, arthritis or quadriplegia.

Here is a video showing the cutting and chopping of many different kinds of food including fruits, vegetables and meat:

The Ulu knife is commonly paired with a bowl-shaped cutting board that aids with chopping:

Ulu Cutting  Board

The Ulu knife is available at Amazon as well as other places around the web.

There’s also a really nice one available on Etsy from seller “NorthWestWoodworker”. It’s really nice in that the board features the bowl-shape for chopping as well as a flat section for cutting other foods:

iWalk-FREE Foot and Ankle Off-Loading Device

The iWalk-FREE is an off-loading leg brace that transfers weight from the foot to below the knee during walking and standing. It can be considered a knee stilt as the device post that makes contact with the ground is extended underneath the knee. The iWalk-Free can be used as an alternative to crutches or complimentary to crutches.

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VeloPlus Wheelchair Transport Trike

Velo Plus transport tadpole-style tricycle designed for a wheelchair to be loaded into the bay.

What a neat trike! The VeloPlus by Dutch company Van Raam allows for up to two riders, one that powers the bike and another that is sitting in a wheelchair toward the front of the trike.

In order to load the wheelchair and user, the bay platform pivots downward to create a ram. Then the wheelchair is pushed back onto the bay and it pivots back perpendicular to the ground. There is a strap (think safety belt) that is then brought up and over the wheelchair and rider. You can watch it in action here:

The trike has an option to come with an electric battery and is equipped with 8 speeds. The list price is 4095 euros or roughly $5500.

Check out this video of almost a whole family riding on trike!:

Semi-Recumbent Chair-Style Bicycles

A Day 6 Semi-Recumbent Bicycle

A semi-recumbent bike is a good option if:

  • You’re comfortable balancing on a bike but would like the added stability of being a bit closer to the ground
  • Want the added support or having a back rest
  • Want the added support of having a wider seat
  • Want to relieve the pressure on your arms and hands accompanied with the traditional positioning of coming over the handlebars of a traditional bike
  • Don’t want to or are unable to get in and out of a lower fully recumbent bicycle

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