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Ulu Knife – Easier Cutting and Chopping in the Kitchen

Ulu Knife Kitchen Aid

The Ulu knife is a traditional Eskimo knife with a unique design that features a handle above a curved blade.

The benefit is that it allows for much easier cutting and chopping in the kitchen particularly for people with limited hand dexterity and weak hand and arm muscles.

It’d be great tool for people with multiple sclerosis, arthritis or quadriplegia.

Here is a video showing the cutting and chopping of many different kinds of food including fruits, vegetables and meat:

The Ulu knife is commonly paired with a bowl-shaped cutting board that aids with chopping:

Ulu Cutting  Board

The Ulu knife is available at Amazon as well as other places around the web.

There’s also a really nice one available on Etsy from seller “NorthWestWoodworker”. It’s really nice in that the board features the bowl-shape for chopping as well as a flat section for cutting other foods:

Product for Easier Cutting in the Kitchen

Daily chores can be more difficult for people with neurological impairments caused by Multiple Sclerosis or a stroke for instance. One of those chores is preparing food in the kitchen with a knife.

This product, the Cutting Board With Pivot Knife, makes it easier to use a knife and cut up or chop food by positioning a knife into a fixed bracket on a cutting board using the tip of the knife as the pivot point.

So instead of having to wield the knife laterally as you’re cutting the food, all you need to do is apply some download force on the knife and handle and move the food into the path of the knife. Much less force needs to be applied to the knife because of the added leverage that the pivot point provides making it easier all around to prepare food.

This product is available on