iWalk-FREE Foot and Ankle Off-Loading Device

The iWalk-FREE is an off-loading leg brace that transfers weight from the foot to below the knee during walking and standing. It can be considered a knee stilt as the device post that makes contact with the ground is extended underneath the knee. The iWalk-Free can be used as an alternative to crutches or complimentary to crutches.

Who Might Benefit From Using the iWalk-FREE?

People with the following conditions might benefit from using the iWalk-FREE:

  • Chronic foot pain
  • Foot inflammation
  • Achilles injuries
  • Foot sprain
  • Ankle sprain
  • Post-foot or post-ankle surgery
  • Broken bones in foot or ankle
  • Ankle joint inflammation
  • Achilles tendinosis

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Josh writes:

The I walk free was a lot less stable than I’d originally thought it would be. For a person with one healthy leg and a healthy lower back, I think it’s a fantastic solution. I’d hoped to make knee stilts for both legs, as a means of walking for exercise. However, this seems like it might be a challenging project after trying out the I walk free. I think it’s much tougher to balance on one’s knees than on one’s feet ( as in the case of normal stilts). I think that the feet are designed to feel things out really well and adjust to imbalances via pro-prioception. I did not feel that I could put the same confidence in my knees as in my feet.

I do walk on my knees for exercise. Balancing is not difficult in that case, partially because my feet behind me provide added support. On her knees still the balance load is all on the knees, it’s tougher. In addition, my upper leg has to pull the stilt up with each step. Doing that scene security in old injury in my lower back.

It got a little easier once we lowered the height of the knee pad, but it still put a lot of stress on the back, and it would still be difficult to balance were I on two of them.

I do think this device has some potential for people dealing with pain in both feet, but we’d definitely need to brainstorm ideas for making the stilts more stable from the bottom up.

3 thoughts on “iWalk-FREE Foot and Ankle Off-Loading Device

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  2. Brad Hunter

    Your notes and comments are well received – thank you for bringing this device to the attention of those that might not have otherwise known about it. As for the ease of use, stability and comfort, our user’s comments have not gone unnoticed, and as a result we are launching a completely redesigned Generation 2.0 crutch in early August. It is magnitudes more stable, easier to don and doff, significantly easier to learn, and costs way less. We will be updating our website as soon as the new product becomes available.


  3. Morlyn Keller

    Before I bought the iWalkfree 2.0, I did about 3 weeks of research on the different types of hands free crutches available. Even a few knee scooters as I was thinking of getting one of those. I saw the prices on some of the handsfree crutches and nearly fell over :) . But a few days ago I saw the “new” and improved version of iWalkfree and really liked the design – it looked much more comfortable than the earlier design.

    So, on Sept. 16th I ordered the 2.0 in the morning. By Sept. 17th at 5:00 p.m. I received the package. Was I surprised (maybe shocked) or what. I realize that living in So. CA that the warehouse is around 100 miles from me or so, but I don’t even get regular mail that fast – lol!!

    Before I go further, I should let you know that I am a 60 year old woman who is rather overweight by about 80 lbs. No, I’m not in great shape but because I’ve been pushing myself around on computer chairs to get around the house and having to get up and down with the one leg from chairs to wherever I’m going, my left leg had gotten considerably stronger. So, I have no trouble balancing on one leg if need be.

    I’m also fortunate in that I have a walker that was left to me that has a seat and brakes on it. This is perfect for learning how to walk with the 2.0. Today, I took my first walking trip around the house with the walker and didn’t even fall over once – lolol!! My home as two steps from the kitchen down to the family room and I was able to manage going up and down which is a start.

    I have to get used to putting this device on and off and learning exactly the fit so I can balance it better – but other than that, the learning how to walk in it seems like it will take me a few days before I’m actually comfortable and other muscles are strengthened that haven’t been being used, which is a good thing.

    Well, this whole situation (I broke my lower leg, ankle and achilles heel all in one fell swoop) has also encouraged me to lose weight. I wouldn’t recommend this method for losing weight though – lol! I’ve lost 23 lbs in two months and I realize that to continue losing weight will also help me to walk better with the 2.0 and then afterward.

    I’m looking forward to being able to dance with the 2.0 (kidding, but you never know).

    Thanks again for the speedy delivery, the great support and also a great price.

    Sincerely walking,


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