Off-Loading Leg Brace

Freedom Mobility Off-Loading Leg Brace

A popular off-loading leg brace designed and sold by Freedom Mobility

An off-loading leg brace is a device that transfers the load of the leg when standing or walking to the thigh. In doing so there is little to no typical weight-bearing strain placed on the foot, the ankle, the calve nor the knee.


  • For use when a part of the leg is in a cast including the foot, ankle, or knee orĀ  a combination thereof. It can be used an alternative or a supplemental device for crutches
  • Leg joint pain or osteoarthritis. In bypassing the load of the person, the device also eliminates any bending of the ankle and knee joints.

Commercial Versions


The Freedom Leg Brace is available at Amazon here.

5 thoughts on “Off-Loading Leg Brace

  1. Tammy

    Can you tell me if the off loading brace can be used with multiple tibia and fibula fractures? I was concerned because it looks like some of the support may be placed on the shin. Thank you.

  2. Jack

    I have a job where I stand all day and move about in a small area, I have OA in both knees, will this brace remove some of the body weight and transfer it to the ground? And will I be able to move? Example bend my knees enough to sit down at lunch or drive home?

    Thank you!

  3. pamela j hoffman

    I need a loading bearing brace for my left foot, a brace to be worn everyday. I am having no luck finding one, the only alternative for me is to get it amputated. I have had four surgeries on it already without relief of pain and I can not put a shoe on it or step on it. I am at my wits end.
    Thank You
    Pamela Hoffman


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