Rent a Handcycle

Here is a list of places around the United States where you can rent or borrow a handcycle.

If you know of any places not mentioned on the list, please add the information in the comments below.


  • Gaylord Specialty Hospital, Wallingford, CT. They have a therapeutic recreation program and may let you borrow a handcycle.
  • Palmer Handcycle (Individual) – An upright handcycle located in South Windsor, CT. Contact us if you’d like to come try it out or borrow it ( More info available here.


  • On the Cape Cod Rail Trail in Dennis and Wellfleet, MA. There are a limited number of handcycles available for rent. Call 508-896-3491 for information

New Hampshire

North Carolina

Rhode Island

  • Bike-On – Bike-On is perhaps the premier seller of handcycles in the U.S. Although they don’t offer any formal handcycle rentals, I think it’s likely that they would let you borrow a handcycle to try out if you’re thinking of buying one down the line.

2 thoughts on “Rent a Handcycle

  1. Jim Krancevic

    I am hoping to rent a handcycle in Colorado this summer. I will be there during the first week of August.
    Any help locating a bike, would be greatly appreciated. My seat size is 16×16.
    I might also be interested in purchasing a used handcycle, if one is available.
    Thank you.


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