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Nintendo Wii Helping Children With DCD

The Wii Balance Board is a game controller that comes as part of the Nintendo Wii Fit package and is being used to help children with developmental co-ordination disorder

UK-based researchers performed a study with children with developmental coordination disorder (DCD) that shows favorable therapeutic results when using the Nintendo Wii gaming system and it’s motion-based Wii Fit control as part of their therapy.

Lead researcher Professor Elisabeth Hill from the Department of Psychology at Goldsmiths, University of London, said the pilot study provided evidence to support the use of the computer within therapeutic programmes for children with movement difficulties.

“The results provide interesting points warranting further discussion, particularly in view of the fact that many children have access to the Nintendo Wii Fit and may be using this system at home with minimal supervision,” she said.

Source: Wii games could help children overcome disabilities

Game-based therapy is becoming more and more popular for all sorts of disorders. The Valedo Motion is another example that uses game-based feedback along with sensors placed on the back to help improve back problems and pain.