How to Transfer to a Handcycle

If you have lower body immobility from paralysis or other conditions, it can be a challenge to transfer into a handcycle.

The video below demonstrates transferring into more of an upright handcycle as opposed to a sportier handcycle where the user is positioned much lower to the ground.

What about transferring into a lower sporty handcycle? This video demonstrates transferring from a wheelchair into a Quickie Shark cycle and back. You’ll notice that this requires a good amount of upper body strength especially from the handcycle back into the wheelchair.

Another approach to transfering into a sportier lower handcycle was offered by user Freedom92 at the CareCure forums. It involves using a hydraulic shop lift like this one available at Northern Tool:

Hydraulic Table Cart

Hydraulic table cart can be used to lower user for easier transfer into hand bike or elevated for transferring back into wheelchair or scooter

It might be a good idea to pad the top of the lift to prevent pressure sores. It might also be necessary to modify the jacking and release mechanics in order to use the lift alone.

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